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Advocate to get new listings:

3 Hours of distressed property training!

The largest distressed property solution www.HomeAdvocates.io invites you to join them for a 100% FREE TRAINING EVENT.

  • Learn How to get Distressed Property Leads
  • Learn How to Direct Market to Distressed Property Homeowners
  • Learn How to Connect with Distressed Property Homeowners
  • Learn How to get PAID WEEKLY to meet with Distressed Property Homeowners
  • Learn the secret to converting Distressed Property Owners into Listings
  • Learn How to get Paid Full Commission
  • Learn about Home Advocates eXpress Buyer Program

3 Hours of training from the industries LARGEST distressed property solution. Questions and answers. Plus MASSIVE insider listing information.

Distressed Properties:

Learn how to get Distressed Listings & Advocate to Homeowners

Covid Marketing System™ Meet and Work Directly with Homeowners who have Forbearances and missed payments.

Covid Marketing System™ Since 2010. 1 million leads generated for REALTORS® & Investors to work with Distressed Properties

Home Advocate™ Designation Training

Lee Honish

Featured Speakers:

Lee Honish

Advocate, Author, Consultant, Content Marketer, and FORMER Head Loss Mitigator: IndyMac Bank with almost 30 Years of Real Estate Related Experience

1988 Invescor Inc. Reo Asset Management company for Beneficial of California, Asset Manager

1993 GMAC/Homecomings, Asset Manager

1997 Henry Nunez Real Estate Company, Developer & Realtor

2001 IndyMac Inc., Asset Manager: Home construction lending & Head Loss Mitigator: HELOC Division

2007 Short Sale Genius LLC, Speaker/Trainer

2010 Lee Honish LLC, Advocate, Author, Consultant www.Honish.io

2011 Certified Default Advocacy Training, Founder

2011 Advocate Marketing founder

2011 Monster Marketing founder

2010 – 2019 “Top 100 Influential marketers in America”

2010-2019 “Top 100 Innovative marketers in America”

2020 Founder Perfect Blue Studio Media Content

2020 Brand Ambassador Everhome

2021 President & Director of Education Home Advocates

*(Without exaggeration) Millions and Millions of Views, Live and on Digital Platforms.

Derek Kelly

VP of Sales & Coaching, Home Advocates conversion and closing training specialist. Conversion through education to listing.

  • Professional Certified Coach
  • Scripts and Conversion EXPERT
  • Advanced Conversion EXPERT
  • Certified Motivational EXPERT
  • 2010-2020 Named Best Coach in America
  • 2010-2020 "Top 100 Coach in America"

Home Advocates

The Largest provider of distressed property education, mitigation and distressed property transactions. Home Advocates is brokered by eXp.

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  • Need help with a distressed property
  • PHONE 833-969-4673
  • EMAIL advocate@homeadvocates.io

Why Attend the Event?


"I've gotten some of the best advice from Lee, literally life changing. You have to give him a try!"

- Margarette (Sparr, FL)


"I've been a Student for about 3 months now. My listings and my life have totally changed."

- Louis (Columbus, OH)


"If you have been doing this by yourself, you don't know what you're missing. Lee will impress you."

- Roger (New York, NY)

What will you learn and be taught?

This is your event outline for your day:

10:00AM to 10:15AM Doors open, registration and seating (some events start at 11:00AM)

Derek Kelly will greet you at the door, help you with your registration and help you get seated. This is your opportunity to ask the number one conversion coach in America questions! This is also a great opportunity to network with like-minded agents in your area. DON'T BE SHY! Bring cards and mingle before the event.

10:15 to 10:30 Event Will start (some events start at 11:15AM)

Please plan on brining the following: A mask (who knows what the current Covid19 rules are for your venue), Something to write on and write with (there will be LOTS of useful information), Something to drink (again see the Covid19 rules, we cannot serve anything at most venues), and most of all bring a great attitude this is a training event with valuable information to get NEW LISTINGS.

  • The Current Market

A deep dive into the current real estate market: Current interest rates, inventory, Covid19 restrictions lifting and the current real estate agent competition for new listings.

  • Covid19 Eviction Moratorium

What is an eviction moratorium? How does that affect the current real estate market? What is a forbearance agreement? What is a loan modification? When will the moratorium end? What does all of this mean for getting new listings?

  • How you will get paid more for pre-foreclosure properties

We call it a dignified solution: Loan modification, Forbearance agreement or Sale of the property... All of these will get you paid weekly or with commission.

  • Marketing for pre-foreclosure listings

Permission based marketing will be taught by Lee Honish, NAMED MOST INNOVATIVE MARKETER IN AMERICA: Leads, Marketing and conversion to making you money with America's NUMBER ONE real estate coach Derek Kelly.

  • Learn the alternatives to foreclosure and how you will get paid

There are 9 alternatives to foreclosure and only 3 that a homeowner will select: Forbearance, Loan Modification and Sale of their home. ALL OF THESE WILL GET YOU PAID WEEKLY OR BY COMMISSION!