Advocate to get new listings:

3.5 Hours of distressed property training (and food)!

The largest distressed property solution invites you to join them for a 100% FREE TRAINING EVENT.

  • Learn How to get Distressed Property Leads
  • Learn How to Direct Market to Distressed Property Homeowners
  • Learn How to Connect with Distressed Property Homeowners
  • Learn How to get PAID WEEKLY to meet with Distressed Property Homeowners
  • Learn the secret to converting Distressed Property Owners into Listings
  • Learn How to get Paid Full Commission
  • Learn about Home Advocates eXpress Buyer Program

3.5 Hours of training & Lunch from the industries LARGEST distressed property solution. Questions and answers. Plus MASSIVE insider listing information.

Distressed Properties:

Learn how to get Distressed Listings & Advocate to Homeowners

Covid Marketing System™ Meet and Work Directly with Homeowners who have Forbearances and missed payments.

Covid Marketing System™ Since 2010. 1 million leads generated for REALTORS® & Investors to work with Distressed Properties

Home Advocate™ Designation Training

Featured Speakers:

Lee Honish

Advocate, Author, Consultant, Content Marketer, and FORMER Head Loss Mitigator: IndyMac Bank with almost 30 Years of Real Estate Related Experience

1988 Invescor Inc. Reo Asset Management company for Beneficial of California, Asset Manager

1993 GMAC/Homecomings, Asset Manager

2001 IndyMac Inc., Asset Manager: Home construction lending & Head Loss Mitigator: HELOC Division

2007 Short Sale Genius LLC, Speaker/Trainer

2010 Lee Honish LLC, Advocate, Author, Consultant

2011 Certified Default Advocacy Training, Founder

2011 Advocate Marketing founder

2011 Monster Marketing founder

2010 – 2019 “Top 100 Influential marketers in America”

2010-2019 “Top 100 Innovative marketers in America”

2020 Founder Perfect Blue Studio Media Content

2020 Brand Ambassador Everhome

2021 President & Director of Education Home Advocates

*(Without exaggeration) Millions and Millions of Views, Live and on Digital Platforms.

Derek Kelly

VP of Sales & Coaching, Home Advocates conversion and closing training specialist. Conversion through education to listing.

  • Professional Certified Coach
  • Scripts and Conversion EXPERT
  • Advanced Conversion EXPERT
  • Certified Motivational EXPERT
  • 2010-2020 Named Best Coach in America
  • 2010-2020 "Top 100 Coach in America"

Home Advocates

The Largest provider of distressed property education, mitigation and distressed property transactions. Home Advocates is brokered by eXp.

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  • PHONE 833-969-4673

Why Attend the Event?


"I've gotten some of the best advice from Lee, literally life changing. You have to give him a try!"

- Margarette (Sparr, FL)


"I've been a Student for about 3 months now. My listings and my life have totally changed."

- Louis (Columbus, OH)


"If you have been doing this by yourself, you don't know what you're missing. Lee will impress you."

- Roger (New York, NY)

What will you learn and be taught?

This is your event outline for your day:

Lee Honish, Derek Kelly & Gena Pasquini

Covid19 Eviction Moratorium education, marketing and conversion

10AM Doors Open

10:30AM Marketing 101: Referrals, Web and Home Advocates Direct Marketing (bring your computer)

  • referral marketing
  • list marketing
  • email marketing
  • website funnels
  • website conversions
  • slybroadcasting
  • Home advocates direct marketing

11:30AM Follow Up

12:30 - 2PM PM (Lunch and Learn, yes, we are bringing food)

  • Ask the banker
  • Ask the marketing experts
  • Ask the Loan expert
  • Ask the Loan Mod Expert
  • Ask the Forbearance Expert